Our particular style of bread making incorporates traditional, hand techniques like milling our own flour and slow, long fermentation—all of which can be seen in our open kitchen and mill room. Our menu is seasonally-driven, so we bake and cook with wholesome ingredients at the peak of their flavor; organic and local whenever possible, and fresh always. All of our breakfast, lunch and pastry options reflect our dedication to making simply good food with simply good ingredients.

Stop by anytime to check out our bakers at work. We’d love for you to stay and try an artisan sandwich on rustic bread, share a cup of Counter Culture coffee or Jojo tea with a friend, or take home a handmade hearth loaf, fresh from the oven.

We hope to be a warm, welcoming space that our community breaks good bread in, for years to come.

We are family-owned, woman-founded and operated.

Our founder, Naomi, is a third-generation Miami food entrepreneur and a perpetual student of bread. A Palmetto High School and Northwestern University graduate, Naomi fell in love with artisan bread making while working in Alaska at Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop. Inspired to one day open her own bakery, she spent the next few years working, visiting and apprenticing at bakeries throughout the U.S. and Europe. Ready to set up her own shop, it only felt right for her to set roots in the very community in which she grew up. She was compelled to establish a rustic breadshop and cafe focused on thoughtfully created food with equally thoughtful service.

The many meanings of Madruga.

You may already know this, but madrugar is the Spanish word for the act of rising early. It’s no secret that bakers everywhere rise in the early morn, while it’s still dark outside. As bakers of rustic bread, we do just that; we get up before the sun to mill, prep, bake and tinker. It only made sense to incorporate the actual word into our name.

Madruga is also where you’ll find us, on the quiet corner of Madruga Avenue and Madruga Court.