Our bread is made from three basic ingredients: flour, water and salt. While the ingredients are simple, the process requires incredible rigor and attention to detail. We purposefully designed our kitchen and mill with open sight lines, for all to witness the miracle of bread, in real time.

Heirloom Wheat, Milled Fresh

We carefully source organic, heirloom wheat berries with distinct flavor profiles, and mill them fresh in house. In doing so, we can capture the maximum flavor and goodness of the wheat and create nutrientpacked and delicious loaves. You’ll find a number of hearth loaves that use 100% of this wholesome flour, clearly marked and lined up our shelves.

The Slow Rise

In our leavened breads, we use a natural, slow fermentation process. Long fermentation is the key to subtle flavor development and a longer shelf life without additives. We give our dough plenty of time to slowly rise in handmade baskets, and the end result is a more nutritious hearth loaf.

Hearth Baked

We’ve learned that time and temperature are just as important ingredients as the wheat itself. That’s why we bake on a custom stone hearth. The stone oven allows our small batches of highly hydrated dough to fully cook and develop dark, crusty exteriors. The hearth imparts a wonderful depth and flavor; you may notice that our loaves seem darker than most breads; we welcome you to try them and let us know what you think.