Our particular style of bread making incorporates traditional, hand techniques and we want our guests to see the process firsthand. That’s why we designed our bakery to have open sight lines into our mill room and kitchen. Walk by our shop in the early morning, and you might catch one of us milling the day’s flour.

Thoughtful Ingredients

Because we’re seasonally minded, we bake and cook with ingredients at the peak of their flavor. That means we use berries and mangoes from our backyard in the Summer, and apples and pears in the Fall. We always use organic milk, flour, butter and eggs, and source organic and South Florida ingredients when they’re ready and available. Since our ingredients are always fresh, we never use preservatives or anything artificial in our kitchen. Our rule is simple—high-quality ingredients always makes for better tasting food.

Respect and Service

For us, providing great service is just as important as baking incredible bread and pastries. We always try our best to make our guests feel respected, welcomed and attended to. So naturally, we try to be as friendly and helpful as possible. We also show respect to the environment with our sourcing choices, cleaning products and packaging.

A Lasting Part of the Community

While our goods are made fresh daily, we hope to be an integral part of the local community for years to come. We want to build strong relationships with the people we feed and the friendships we nourish. We want our space to welcome friends, colleagues and families to create memories over a sandwich, pastry or cup of coffee.

Always Learning

We know that there’s no such thing as absolute perfection in any craft. That’s why we are always experimenting, researching, learning and baking. We strive to make the best product possible, whether its a hearth loaf or a garden tomato jam. The craft of rustic bread making is no exception—you could mill the same grain day in and day out, but temperature and other factors will change how that flour behaves. We’re constantly learning new things about our ingredients, and always try to make food that’s better than the day before. Sometimes there will be loaves that won’t make it to the display case, and that’s perfectly ok.